The Student Factory spirit

The concept

The ideal environment for successful studies and projects

What do an exciting social life, masterful studies from A to Z and maximum serenity in an apartment have in common?

ʎɹoʇɔɐℲ ʇuǝpnʇS: ǝsuodǝᴚ

Stop the suspense! We now explain how and why you'll be doing the right thing when you move to Student Factory.

Our accommodation offers

Stay at Student Factory

Because, as you may have guessed, with a name like that, Student Factory is mainly aimed at students, work-study students, interns and young people on the move. But we also welcome nomads, world travelers, young professionals and mobile professionals.

Classic: one year and more

This offer is only available to students, and is the classic formula for a one-year stay. Well... when we say classic, we mean just the formula, the rest is out of the ordinary ;-).

Flexible: between 1 and 6 months

Practical: per night

Common spaces

(Not) common spaces


The place where inspiration springs forth and great minds still rub shoulders anonymously. Who knows? Your office neighbor could be the next Steve Jobs... or could it be you?

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A wide range of services

Much more than just student apartments, Student Factory residences offer you a wide range of included or à la carte services to make your day-to-day life easier.

Services included

You can say goodbye to connection problems and hello to streaming parties! Here, ultra high-speed broadband is guaranteed throughout the residence.

Bike room

If you're a cyclist or a soft-mobility enthusiast, we've got a secure bike room just for you.

Access to common areas

Better than staying cooped up alone in your apartment, take advantage of shared spaces to work in the coworking area or chill out in the living room. It's a lot more fun with a group, isn't it?


There's no routine at Student Factory! Our teams are here to give you a unique experience and foster a sense of community. Many events are organized to keep you entertained.


Dear parents, access to the residence is secured and equipped with a video surveillance system. Your little sweetie is in good hands!


Need to print a file for college? Forget commando missions across town, the residence has its own reprography area. Practical, isn't it?

Services à la carte

It's not a rumor! Unicorns exist and can bring you breakfast!

your breakfast! A perfect alternative to the remaining slice of cold pizza. Well, to each his own...


Our little fairies can clean your apartment from top to bottom! You're sure to impress your parents the next time they visit. It's our little secret.


Do you have a special request? Dry cleaning, administrative management, transport...

Your Residence Manager will do her/his utmost to find THE solution.

Linen kit

Although the apartments are furnished, household linen is not provided. For those who hadn't anticipated this detail, we offer a linen kit so you can spend nights in beautiful sheets!


Drivers beware: parking spaces are available for rent! No more driving around the neighborhood to find a parking spot: your space is waiting for you. (subject to availability)

The Student Factory application

We're always connected

All you need is a smartphone to manage your day-to-day life. Easy, intuitive and always accessible in the palm of your hand, the Student Factory app is the "Player 1" controller.

An app to control everything

You can chat with your neighbors, sign up for events neighbors, sign up for events, book cleaning time or a connected washing machine, report a malfunction (and yes, it happens even to the best)... It's all possible with the Student Factory app!


Stylish decoration

Each residence is designed with its own identity, reflecting the personality of its occupants while promoting conviviality and well-being.

Our approach fuses timeless Bauhaus aesthetics with contemporary elements to create innovative, functional living spaces. Each residence is designed as a dynamic living space, encouraging creativity and personal development. We believe in combining aesthetics and functionality to create spaces where living, studying and relaxing harmoniously complement each other.

Natasha Stojkovic, interior designer

Our history

Our history with VINCI Immobilier

The Student Factory business was created in 2016 by VINCI Immobilier, a real estate subsidiary of the VINCI Group. With passionate teams and solid experience in residence management, we set out on an adventure into the student world with a little imagination, a dash of madness and a lot of audacity.

We had a single idea in mind: to reinvent the rules of housing to simplify residents' lives and enable them to concentrate on their studies.

The new student housing experience

With prime locations, close to schools and amenities, modern, fully-equipped apartments, convivial spaces (coworking, cafeteria, shared lounge, etc.) and a host of student-friendly services, Student Factory residences offer a modern, innovative housing solution that's always in tune with student codes.