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My booking

  • How do I book an apartment?
  • You can book an apartment:

    • on the website : (and if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place)

    • by phone : +33 (0)1 71 25 08 20 (price of a local call if calling from France). You can also request a call back from our team.

    • on site :  at one of our stunning residences!

  • What are the steps involved in making an online booking?
  • With Student Factory, it’s very easy. After choosing your city, residence, and type of apartment, click on “Book” and follow these steps:

    1. Fill in the booking request form by providing preliminary information about you and your stay.
    2. Submit the form and send your request.
    3. The Student Factory team will get back to you very shortly to follow up on your request and complete your application.
  • When should I book my apartment?
  • You can book your apartment whenever you like. However, we recommend that you start your search early so that you have the widest choice possible (surface area, floor, orientation, premium options, etc.).
  • What are the conditions for admission?
  • To be admitted, you will need to make out a file with a solvent guarantor (for stays of one year only) and provide all supporting documents.
  • What are the documents to provide with my application?
  • Long Stay Offer :

    - Valid national identity card or passport
    - Student card or school certificate
    - Bank details (RIB)
    If you are a foreign student: Valid visa or residence permit
    If you are a student and an employee: Employment contract + last 3 pay slips

    Guarantor(s) :

    - Valid national identity card (both sides) or passport
    - Last tax assessment
    - Recent employer's certificate
    - Last 3 pay slips
    - Bank details (RIB)
    - Last rent receipt (if tenant)
    - Last property tax (if owner)
    - Extract from the last balance sheet (if self-employed)

    Medium Stay Offer :

    - Valid national identity card or passport
    - Student card or certificate of schooling
    - Bank details (RIB)

    If you are a foreign student: Valid visa or residence permit
    If you are a student and an employee: Work contract + 3 last pay slips
    If you are a student and employee :

    - Employment contract
    - Last three pay slips
    - You are an intern:
    - Internship agreement

    No guarantors required for medium stay applications

  • What should I do if I’m missing a supporting document?
  • To submit your application, you must provide all the supporting documents. If you don’t have all these documents at hand, don’t worry! You can start filling in the information online and complete your application later by uploading the missing documents.
  • What is the duration of a tenancy agreement for student accommodation?
  • Long Stay Offer : For a student stay of one academic year, the rental contract is a 12-month lease. You have 1 month's notice to terminate it and vacate the flat. The renewal of the lease is tacit. We like flexibility :-)

    Medium Stay Offer: For a young working person, an intern or a more flexible contract, especially without a guarantor, this is a date to date contract, 1 to 6 months with the possibility to renew. There is no notice period in the contract.

  • What are the charges included in the rent?
  • For a 12-month student stay: the rent includes water, wifi internet, access to the common areas and services of the residence, and the household waste tax. The student is responsible for taking out an electricity contract.

    For medium and short stays: all charges are included in the price.

  • How quickly will I find out the outcome of my application?
  • Once you have made a booking request and sent your completed application, the Student Factory team will get back to you within 48 to 72 hours to inform you of the outcome of your application.
  • When will I receive confirmation of my booking?
  • Long Stay Offer : You will receive an initial confirmation of your pre-reservation once the application fee has been paid. Your reservation will be completed and confirmed after signing the lease and paying the first month's rent.

    Medium Stay Offer: you will receive a first pre-booking confirmation once the first month(s) rent has been paid. Your booking will be completed and confirmed after signing the lease.

  • What is a guarantor?
  • The guarantor is the natural person or organisation that undertakes to pay the rent and charges of the tenant to the landlord, if the latter is unable to meet his or her obligations.

    If you do not have a physical guarantor, Student Factory recommends that you :

    GarantMe : A monthly fee is applied according to the amount of the rent.
    Visale : Registration is completely free. The rent is capped at 800€ in the Ile-de-France region and 600€ in the rest of the country.

  • Is it mandatory to have a guarantor?
  • A guarantor is compulsory for the Long-stay offer.

    NB: If you are in receipt of a higher education grant (school grant), you do not need to present a guarantor when making your reservation. If you are not a scholarship holder, and you do not have sufficient income, you must have a guarantor to book accommodation for a school year with Student Factory.

    A guarantor is not required for the Medium Stay offer.

  • Can I have several guarantors?
  • Yes, only if they are physical guarantors. You will then have to gather all the documents requested for each guarantor.
    Private (GarantMe) and public (Visale) organisations cannot be combined with other guarantors.
  • What is the joint and several guarantee (caution solidaire)?
  • The joint and several guarantee is a document by which a person (the guarantor) undertakes to the landlord to pay any of the tenant’s outstanding debts if the latter is unable to pay their rent and charges.
  • Can I contact an advisor?
  • The Student Factory team is at your disposal Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Feel free to get in touch:

    • By chat : Psssst, take a look at the bottom right of this page
    • By phone: +33 (0)1 71 25 08 20
  • Is it possible to book a short-term stay?
  • At Student Factory, you can stay for a night, a few weeks, or several months. Discover our residence details, terms and conditions, and prices for each type of stay.
  • Can I book an apartment for a couple?
  • Yes, we offer apartments intended for two people. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your booking.
  • What should I do in case of a last-minute cancellation?
  • In case of a cancellation following a booking request, please contact us as soon as possible to inform our booking service:

    • By email: [email protected]
    • By phone: +33 (0)1 71 25 08 20
  • In case of a cancellation, are the administration fees refunded?
  • Long stay offer :
    In the event of cancellation less than one month before the planned date of arrival, the booking fee and the first month's rent (including charges) will not be refunded.

    Medium stay offer (1 to 6-month contract, renewable)​ :
    If the rental contract is not signed and we receive your request:
    - More than one month (20 working days) before the date of arrival: We will refund all sums advanced
    - More than two weeks (10 working days) before the date of arrival: We will refund 50% of the amount paid
    - Less than 2 weeks (10 working days) before the arrival date: No refund of the amount advanced

    If the rental contract is signed, there will be no reimbursement of any costs incurred.


  • How much do I have to pay at the time of booking?
  • Long stay offer: in order to validate your reservation, you will have to pay :

    - The booking fee to validate the pre-reservation
    - The first month's rent within 8 days of signing the lease and before your arrival at the residence
    - The deposit on your arrival corresponding to the amount of the rent excluding charges

    Medium stay offer: in order to validate your reservation, you will have to pay :

    - 1 month's rent if the stay is less than 3 months
    - 2 months rent if the stay is more than 3 months
    The payment must be made before signing the rental contract and before entering the residence.
    - A deposit at the time of your arrival corresponding to the amount of the rent

  • What is the amount of my monthly bill?
  • The amount of your monthly bill is the sum of the rent and the charges. Your monthly invoice/quittance will be delivered to your mailbox at the end of each month with all the details to be paid.
  • What are the charges included?
  • The charges included are : 
    - Water
    - Unlimited wifi internet access
    - Access to services and common areas of the residence
    - Household waste tax

    NB : Electricity is only included in the Medium Stay offer (1 to 6 months renewable contract)
  • What are the charges not included?
  • The charges not included are:
    • Electricity (depending on your consumption)
    • Home insurance
    • Residence tax
  • When do I have to pay the first monthly payment?
  • Long Stay Offer : The first month's rent must be paid after the lease is signed and before the day of arrival in the residence. The first month's rent will be deducted the following month.

    Medium Stay Offer: 1 month's rent must be paid if the stay is less than 3 months.
    2 months rent must be paid if the stay is longer than 3 months.
    Payment must be made before signing the rental contract and before entering the residence. The first monthly payment will be taken the following month.

  • Quand dois-je régler mon loyer ?
  • Rent must be paid between the 1st and 5th of each month.
  • What do I have to pay during the school year?
  • During the school year, you will have to pay your monthly rent as well as the fixed charges which include the household waste tax, WIFI, cleaning of the common areas etc.
    Don't forget to take out an electricity subscription which varies according to your consumption.
  • What do the administration fees cover?
  • Administration fees cover the costs involved in creating and managing the booking application. Among others, they include the provision of an advisor who helps you complete your application, the drafting of the lease, a visit to our residences and apartments, the property survey, and the key handover on the move-in date.
  • What does the security deposit cover? How much is it?
  • The security deposit (called “la caution”) covers any non-compliance by the tenant and/or potential damage caused during the stay. Its amount is equal to one month’s rent (excluding charges).
  • What are the conditions for returning the security deposit?
  • The security deposit is returned within 2 months of your departure. Costs relating to any potential deterioration are deducted before it is returned.
  • Can I use the security deposit to pay for the last month’s rent?
  • Unfortunately, no… but nice try :-)
  • How are my water and electricity accounts managed?
  • You do not need to take out a water subscription. This is included in the charges, but you will have to subscribe to an energy supplier of your choice. Don't forget to be a responsible consumer, because the planet needs it.
  • Do I have to pay residence tax?
  • Yes, for a long stay, you will have to pay the council tax, if you are eligible and present on the 1st January
  • Do I have to take out home insurance?
  • Yes, it’s mandatory. You must provide a certification of home insurance on the day you arrive at the residence. It is a requirement for the key handover.
  • Do I have to pay household refuse tax?
  • No, this tax is already included in your charges.

My stay

  • Can I visit the residence before I decide?
  • Of course, we will be happy to welcome you! You can contact the residence directly to arrange an appointment or you can come along to one of our open days.
  • Can I take a virtual tour?
  • Yes, it is entirely possible to discover our residences from afar thanks to virtual online tours on the website. Happy touring!
  • What should I prepare before I arrive?
  • The final stretch! Before moving in, you must have signed the lease, paid the first rent, chosen the energy supplier of your choice (electricity) and taken out home and civil liability insurance.
    Finally, you can make an appointment for your initial inventory of fixtures directly on the Student Factory application!
  • Can I choose my apartment?
  • Yes, you can choose your flat subject to availability. We therefore advise you to put together your file as soon as possible to have the widest possible choice.
  • Can I request a different apartment if I’m not happy with mine?
  • Yes, you have the possibility to change your flat, subject to a valid reason and availability.
  • What is a property survey? When must it be carried out?
  • The inventory of fixtures is a document that describes your flat and lists the furniture and equipment. It must be carried out on arrival, before your departure, and must be drawn up in two copies (one copy for the landlord and one for the tenant). Any damage noted between 2 inventories will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Is it possible to terminate the lease? What is the notice period?
  • Are you leaving us already? Yes, you can terminate your lease at any time by sending a registered letter to the residence with acknowledgement of receipt or by hand to the reception desk against receipt. The notice period is one month from the date of receipt of the letter.

    Please note! The notice period must be respected if it is a 12-month rental contract (Long Stay offer), in the case of a rental contract (Medium Stay offer), there is no notice period as it is a date-to-date contract.
  • Can I vacate the apartment before the end of the notice period?
  • Yes, you can leave your flat before the one month's notice period, but you will have to pay the last rent in full, not forgetting to carry out the inventory of fixtures on a working day.
  • Can I vacate my apartment without an exit property survey being carried out?
  • No, it is prohibited to vacate an apartment without an exit property survey being carried out. If you are unable to attend, you may be represented by a person of your choice.
  • What are the steps to follow before vacating my apartment?
  • You just need to notify us of the cancellation one month in advance and make an appointment from the mobile application to do your exit inventory. Remember that the flat must be returned in the same condition as it was given to you.

My résidence

  • What are the residence’s opening times?
  • There are no time restrictions. You can enter the Student Factory residences 24 hours a day. However, the management office is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
  • What communal areas are there in the residence?
  • Student Factory residences offer several spaces designed for community life:
    • Co-working: for efficient working sessions
    • Revision pods: to allow you to work in peace and quiet
    • Cafeteria: to help you eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day
    • Relaxation corner: because you need to know how to “switch off”
    • Printing centre: for all your printing, binding, copying, gluing, etc. needs
    • Foosball corner: The place for thrilling games!
    • Laundrette: Explanation unnecessary :-)
  • Who will I encounter at the residence?
  • Students, interns, young workers, travellers from around the world, artists, painters… You’ll only meet friendly people :-)
  • Are there activities organised within the residence?
  • Of course, because community spirit is at the heart of the Student Factory concept. After working hard… the teams are happy to organise activities regularly to entertain you and put you in a great mood.
  • Is access to the residence secured?
  • Yes, access to the residence is secured thanks to personal badges and CCTV cameras at main entrances. Don’t forget to smile when you walk past them :-)
  • How do I get in if I lose my keys?
  • Oops! These things happen to even the best of us! If you are reading this FAQ, you obviously did not lose your phone (#bravo). So you can use it to reach the reception during the day and if it's night ... unfortunately only the coworking couch will be able to welcome you!
  • Are there internal rules?
  • If the answer interests you, you may be disappointed to learn that yes, there are internal rules… But don’t worry, they’re not that restrictive.
  • Is someone always on site?
  • Yes, there is always someone at the reception desk during the opening hours of Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm. Outside these hours and only in case of extreme emergency you can contact the following number: 09 70 26 75 09

  • Where can I park my car?
  • Parking spaces are available in some of our residences. After signing your lease, you can reserve a parking space by contacting the site manager.
  • Where can I park my scooter or bike?
  • No problem! There is always a bike room in the Student Factory residences.
  • Can I receive mail and have parcels delivered to the residence?
  • Yes, you have the possibility to receive your mail and have your parcels delivered to your residence. No need to wait for the delivery man, the SF team is there for you!
  • Can I leave my luggage at reception?
  • Yes, you can leave your luggage at reception, within reason.
  • Can I smoke within the residence?
  • Yes, you can smoke cigarettes, but only in the designated areas. Please bear in mind that the apartments are equipped with smoke detectors and it is therefore prohibited to smoke in them. The smoking information service (Tabac Info Service) can help you quit smoking: 39 89 (free service + call price).
  • Can I organise an event at the residence?
  • Yes, you may organise an event in one of the communal areas. Feel free to speak to the Student Factory team to find out the terms and conditions. You can also invite friends to your apartment, provided you do not disturb the neighbours. We trust that you will follow the rules of coexisting and getting on well together.
  • Am I allowed to use the laundrette at night?
  • As the saying goes: "Better late than never" so yes, the laundry remains accessible 24 hours a day (access by badge).

My apartment

  • What is my apartment equipped with?
  • - Kitchen with fridge, hob, microwave oven and crockery
    - Bathroom with shower, washbasin, sanitary facilities, towel rail
    - Desk + armchair
    - Bed + bedside table
    - Dining table + chairs
    - Dressing room and storage space

  • What should I bring to move into my apartment?
  • Your apartment is already furnished and ready to live in – you can arrive with peace of mind with your belongings and a cheerful mood :-)
  • What type of internet connection does my apartment have?
  • You have a 200 Mbps connection, perfect for evenings of streaming and legally downloading music and films by your favourite artists.
  • Can I personalise my apartment?
  • Of course, provided that you do not go too far in your creativity. Please note that it is prohibited to repaint, drill, or remove partition walls. You have carte blanche to decorate in whatever way you like, but please don’t forget that you must return the apartment in its original condition.
  • Can I move the furniture around in my apartment?
  • It’s up to you, if you think you have more talent than our interior designer… However, when you vacate the apartment, you must return it in its original set up.
  • How does the heating work?
  • The flats are equipped with an individual heating system in the main room and a towel dryer in the bathroom. You just need to adjust the thermostat to get the desired temperature. It's as easy as pie! For the sake of our planet (and your electricity bill!), be careful not to over-consume :)
  • How does the internet work?
  • Nothing very complicated: just click on the secure WIFI STUDENT FACTORY and you are on the web!
  • Are the bathrooms private?
  • Yes, all the apartments feature an en suite bathroom that is fully equipped with shower, sink, vanity unit, toilet, and heated towel rail.
  • What type of bed does my apartment have?
  • Depending on your residence, you may have a trundle bed or a box bed. The lucky ones have double beds (mainly in the T2). Contact the site manager to find out more!
  • Can I host a friend or keep a pet?
  • Yes to both, however the latter will depend on the size of the animal. You may host a friend temporarily so long as you inform reception in advance about their stay. You may also keep a pet if this does not disturb life at the residence.


    To all intents and purposes: Pets are not allowed in communal areas and must be kept on leadsshes during walks around the residence. Keeping dogs belonging to category 1 and 2 (so-called “dangerous dogs”) and breeding protected species are both prohibited on the grounds of the residence.

  • Who cleans my apartment?
  • You do. However, if cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, you can book this service occasionally or regularly at reception, through your member account online, or using the Student Factory app.
  • What does the linen set include?
  • In your flat, you will find a duvet, a pillow and a bed sheet. As an option, you can add a linen kit service including a fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and household linen (towel and bath mat).
  • Are the apartments suitable for persons with reduced mobility?
  • Our residences are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. We offer apartments especially designed for such persons; don’t hesitate to get in touch for personalised assistance during your booking.
  • Who repairs breakdowns and malfunctions in my apartment?
  • The residence provides routine maintenance work in your flat (changing light bulbs, unclogging the sink, etc.). Please report any malfunction to the reception as soon as possible. Our superheroes will intervene as soon as possible. Please note that some interventions may be charged extra.
  • How do I report a maintenance problem?
  • To report a malfunction, please contact the reception desk during opening hours. You can also notify us via the Student Factory application.
  • Who pays for repairs in the event of deterioration?
  • Costs of breakdowns and malfunctions are borne by the residence. However, any deterioration or breakage will be invoiced to you – you have been warned.
  • Who should I speak to in case of a problem?
  • Don’t forget: “We are not alone”. The Student Factory team is always there to help. And since all the residents (your neighbours) are good people, they may be able to help as well.

Rental assistance

  • What is rental assistance?
  • Individual housing allowance (APL, Aide Personnalisée au Logement) and social housing benefits (ALS, Allocation de Logement Social) are financial aid schemes that help reduce the cost of rent. They vary depending on the applicant’s personal circumstances, income, and the type of accommodation. Contrary to what is usually thought, in the case of student residences the tenant receives social housing benefits (ALS) and not individual housing allowance (APL).
  • How can I receive this rental assistance?
  • To receive rental assistance, you will have to apply online on the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales, Family Allocations Office) website. Don’t forget that the CAF has a direct line for students: +33 (0) 810 29 29 29 (price of a local call from a landline), open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • How can I find out the amount of this assistance?
  • You can perform a simulation of rental assistance directly on the residence pages of this website by clicking on the “CAF simulation” tab. In just a few clicks, you can find out the amount to deduct from your rent. Useful, right?
  • When should I apply for rental assistance?
  • You must submit your application for rental assistance with the CAF after signing the lease. In the meantime, you can obtain an estimate of the amount of this assistance by clicking on the “CAF simulation” of your residence.
  • I’m having trouble filling in my application, what should I do ?
  • Do you need help filling in your application? Don’t panic: the CAF has set up a direct line dedicated solely to students: +33 (0) 810 29 29 29 (price of a local call from a landline), open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • When will I receive rental assistance?
  • Rental assistance will come into effect the month after you move in. For example, if you apply online in August and move in in September, you will receive the first transfer in October.
  • Can I receive assistance if I choose to live in a flatshare?
  • Yes, if you are eligible for rental assistance, it will apply in all cases. The amount is calculated based on the rent, which appears on your individual lease, and not on the total rent for the accommodation.
  • Who must declare their resources when applying for rental assistance?
  • During your simulation or when applying with the CAF, don’t forget that the resources to be declared are those of the applicant: the tenant.
  • Who receives the assistance?
  • You are the one who receives the housing benefit. Don't worry, our site manager is here to explain everything!
Do you have any questions or need help ?